Fifty Shades of opinion?

bookpg_fsog_lgThere is a lot in the news just now about this film, showing at cinemas in the UK from Valentine’s weekend.

I admit that I read the first novel a couple of years ago on the beach – and I am claiming the pressure of peers made me do it:  “read Fifty Shades of Grey, you will love it,”  they insisted.

Did I love it?  I am keeping quiet about this just now but just wondering about  the general consensus.

(Or should I just have kept quiet?)

6 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of opinion?

  1. Well seeing as you asked….
    The polite and acceptably polite comment is either that
    I’ve not read it
    I started it but couldn’t finish it but because it was to bad
    I finished it but only out of curiosity.

    OK so to preserve a modicum of intellectual dignity I need to say (and do mean) the following things.
    The plot – predictable
    The writing – inelegant
    Characters – caricatures

    BUT – I liken it to another best seller that nobody read The DaVinci Code because the pace was good.
    I think what kept me going through both books was the rhythm (this is a minefield of double entendres – help yourself). In each case the balance of boring background noise and attention grabbing action happened at just a fast enough speed to keep me going.

    OK shoot me down!

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    • No, I definitely don’t want to ‘shoot you down’ and I am glad that you took time to comment!

      I have to say that I actually enjoyed The Da Vinci Code although I agree that it did have some difficulties and I found the ending rather extended beyond need.

      As for Fifty Shades….well I remain an interested observer of the opinions of others. It has been such a popular book and now film, I was just curious how it was received! Jacqui 🙂

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      • Not that I’m being defensive but.
        Just for the record – I’m not saying I liked it.
        But that I think I saw why it sold faster than others of the genre.Also I’m not commenting on the content particularly – the use of power, etc etc aside – a whole other thing.
        In case I’m seen to be condoning any particular culture.
        But I do find the reluctance to admit finding any redeeming features in it interesting – given the number of copies sold.

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