Writing 201: Poetry

Today’s Writing 201 challenge is to explore the form of poetry known as the haiku, with a theme of water.

Using a formal structure in poetry is a good discipline.  Knowing there are only limited syllables in which to get a message across means that there can be no wandering through dark alleys to find that elusive metaphor which isn’t achieved until line 20.  Combining this control with the abandonment of a poetic form is a tough call.  But here goes my too humble attempts……I am wondering whether I am taking a sledgehammer approach to this today?

World Domination

Kite surfers fly high

Above the grey groaning waves.

Man’s dream realised.


Blades of glory

A single dew drop.

A miracle on a blade

is a scene too rare.

© Jacqui Thatcher 2015

Happy Writing 201!  I am looking forward to seeing how other people have interpreted this theme and form!

Please share your thoughts, hopes and dreams!

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