Writer’s block

This is the first time that I have written since Writing 201 and rather frustratingly, it is only to tell you of the inability to write anything worthwhile!   I enjoyed taking part in the course but I feel completely ‘shrivelled up’ now!

It’s only temporary, I am sure!  And I have been working on one or two pieces that I started a while ago, so at least there is some redrafting going on.

I love the creative process but it has its own rhythms and needs and it cannot be forced into existence; this I must accept and not try to fight it.   Because fighting it is the worst thing that I could do.  I love to write and never want it to become something that I slog away at; I do not mind the frustration of not finding the right words or metaphors at a particular moment.  If I am feeling creative, then I know that the words will come in the end!  Sometimes with a little help, sometimes simply from sitting quietly and being patient.

So, for now, the best thing that I can do is attend to all the other jobs that I have been ignoring for the last few weeks!  Routine, mindless tasks are the best ones for me, like ironing and washing up!

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