Making Your Book

I thought I would share this with you all today. It is always useful to read posts which give practical advice!

Scribbles to Compositions

Part of my job, as a writing coach, is to help people create the final product for their writings, the book.

Kinky, our old Manx Tom. Our buddy. Photo by Lenee Cobb Kinky, our old Manx Tom. Our buddy. Photo by Lenee Cobb

There are many ways to achieve this and how a writer goes about it depends upon the particular project their working on.

There are templates available from book designers. The costs vary depending upon use, whether it’s personal, multi-book, or commercial. Do you want a template for a paperback or an eBook? What size will your book be? Are there graphics involved? How many? What kind of paper do you want? What type of binding?

I’m going through Booklocker for one of my projects and I purchased by own equipment (printers, paper, binding supplies,) including ISBNs for some of my other projects. What you do depends on your project.

Before purchasing my equipment, I priced what it…

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