Creative Frenzy

14606096252_4c08f73c2f_o (1)

I am juggling a lot of balls at the moment but it’s all good; I seem to be having a creative frenzy with words spilling from me in all directions.  I’ve got a children’s story, a couple of poems and the seedling of a novel all under way together.  That’s my excuse for less blogging recently!

It has been quite a long time since I have had quite so many things on the go at once; college was probably the last time and that was always chaos.  Older and wiser, it’s all a lot calmer with no deadlines to meet except my own need to draft and finish!  But wow, it’s exciting!  Every time I sit down to watch TV, I end up with a pen in my hand!

I have just this minute finished a 2nd draft of a poem and I am feeling very pleased with the result.  But I know, now it’s time to shove it in the drawer for a few months and let it mature.

Still, that lets me move onto the next thing…..

How’s your creativity doing today?  Are you feeling blocked or frenetic? I’d love to hear from you all!

Please share your thoughts, hopes and dreams!

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