Find Your Philosophy & You Find Your Writers Voice

Voice is such a tricky thing to identify and is something that changes as frequently as life changes us. This post from Sacha Black is definitely worth a read if you are struggling to find yours.

Sacha Black

VoiceI’m grappling. Not the fun, half-naked, sweat soaked, rough and tumble kind of grapple. The unwillingly blindfolded, crashing into table corners while searching for something as immutably difficult to find as the holy grail.
My writers ‘voice’.
I know. Collective sigh. Honestly I’ve lost count of the number of posts, quotes and motivational spiels I’ve read on finding your writers voice.
And did any of them help? Nope. But not because they weren’t right, or helpful. But because I was the blind leading the blind in a one-legged donkey race for Quills R’ Us. I didn’t know what I was looking for.  In fact, I hadn’t found so much as a single proverbial needle from an entire field of haystacks.

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