Creative Frenzy

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I am juggling a lot of balls at the moment but it’s all good; I seem to be having a creative frenzy with words spilling from me in all directions.  I’ve got a children’s story, a couple of poems and the seedling of a novel all under way together.  That’s my excuse for less blogging recently!

It has been quite a long time since I have had quite so many things on the go at once; college was probably the last time and that was always chaos.  Older and wiser, it’s all a lot calmer with no deadlines to meet except my own need to draft and finish!  But wow, it’s exciting!  Every time I sit down to watch TV, I end up with a pen in my hand!

I have just this minute finished a 2nd draft of a poem and I am feeling very pleased with the result.  But I know, now it’s time to shove it in the drawer for a few months and let it mature.

Still, that lets me move onto the next thing…..

How’s your creativity doing today?  Are you feeling blocked or frenetic? I’d love to hear from you all!

So many ideas….

I haven’t blogged for a while.  Just been busy catching up with my other life.

Just recently, I have been involved in a few writing projects and groups that have been really inspiring.

One aspect of writing I find difficult is doing a writing exercise for 15 – 20 minutes and then sharing what is written.  I don’t find my ideas are that immediate; for whatever reason, I shut down for those 15 minutes, only to find three or four days later that I am thinking of nothing else.  And yet, in that moment, I declare my lack of inspiration!

Just recently though I have done a couple of things that have helped me.  One exercise was to write a letter to someone you hadn’t seen for ages.  I rarely write letters so wasn’t particularly inspired but turning the letter into a poem, for me it worked.  The vehicle was perfect for a subject I have had rattling around in my subconscious/consciousness for years!

And the other piece of instant writing was at my group on Saturday.  We had photographs and had to write about them (in our own creative ways!).  It was black and white….and somehow, I seemed to find, not only the inspiration, but humour too.  I do like to make people laugh!  It was 15 minutes of great (first) drafting.

Now, however, I find that I am everywhere with my writing.  My creative juices are flowing so fast….but  my energies are so dissipated that I am not achieving anything.  Another of those creative processes?  Probably!

Give me a day or two and I am sure things will settle.  Right now, I am giving in to writing anything, everything and all the rest.

Happy writing!